NMC foamed sections

NMC foamed sections

Foamed sections are made of foamed polyethylene and they are intended for the protection of sensitive products, during transport and storage. Thanks to the wide range of shapes and sizes, they can be easily adjusted to any product that requires extra protection. Foamed sections are a multi-trade product of countless applications, thanks to their universal nature.

Parameters and properties

  • U-sections: to protect flat objects | Download specification
  • L-section: broad range of applications | Download specification
  • C-sections: protect objects of complex shapes | Download specification
  • WS-sections: protect window panels, mirrors, and glass panels | Download specification

Advantages of sections

  • They are lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use
  • Thanks to the foamed structure, they provide excellent damping of vibrations and protect against blows
  • They are durable and retain their shape
  • They feature stable and repeatable dimensions
  • 100% recyclable


Transport and storage of: wooden furniture, furniture tops, metal furniture, doors, garage gates, car windows, mirrors, glass panels, tubs, cars, bikes, scooters, motorbikes, and other vehicles, as well as sections of complex shapes, etc.