DDK DUO PLAST stretch wrap

Thanks to its unique design and reinforced edges, industrial stretch wrap for machine-use offers even better protection of transported loads. When the reinforced edges have been wrapped around the load, they create a mesh structure and better join goods with a transport pallet, which enables safe tilting of the load at the angle of 27°, even without using anti-slip distance pieces.

Parameters and properties

  • 12-micron wrap with a double 24-micron edge
  • Increased resistance to both static and dynamic tearing
  • Low contraction coefficient of stretched wrap, during the wrapping process
  • Creating a mesh structure guarantees better binding between the load and the pallet
  • Ideal for high-speed wrapping machines

Advantages of the DDK DUO PLAST stretch wrap

  • Less resistance, during the uncoiling of wrap
  • This wrap has the lowest emission of noise, when uncoiling
  • The initial stretching of the DDK wrap is at least 10% longer, than of any other type of film manufactured according to the blow-out method; the double edge
  • guarantees a double binding strength with a pallet