TITAN strapping machine of the MAX series

TITAN strapping machine of the MAX series

TITAN MAX device is an excellent and fully pneumatic solution, which combines the advantages of a reliable design and a pneumatic drive, as well as the functions of bonding and shearing of tape. The TITAN MAX strapping machine is intended for the strapping of metal tapes, using the link-based method. The bonding of tape with links provides a strong joining of heavy objects that have a cylindrical or round shape. All functions are performed, using a compressed-air engine.

Basic parameters

  • Weight of strapping machine – approx. 11.3 kg
  • Tensioning force – up to 8,000 N
  • Speed of bonding – 110 mm/s
  • Type of closing – the RSK link-based method
  • Double incision on a link
  • Type of drive – pneumatic

Advantages of the device

  • Robust and durable design
  • Hidden pneumatic lines guarantee ergonomic work
  • Simple operation and fully automated
  • Very fast tensioning of tape

Strapping tape

  • 25.4 mm or 32 mm wide steel tape
  • 0.80-1.0 mm thick steel tape
  • It is recommended to use the Megaband series tapes
  • Recommended links: 25 mm or 32 mm links or the RSK or RSL series

Power / Battery

  • Pneumatic device (pneumatic tensioning of tape, bonding, and shearing)
  • Minimum air pressure: 5 bar (intended for a 32 x 0.80 mm tape)
  • Air consumption: 0.7 m³/min