TITAN strapping machine of the E HKE Ultralight series

TITAN strapping machine of the E HKE Ultralight series

TITAN HKE Ultralight is an excellent and the lightest of all devices in the E series, fully mobile and manually operated, which can be applied in any circumstances, without constant access to a source of power. The TITAN HKE Ultralight strapping machine is intended for the strapping of metal tapes, using the linkless method. Using the TITAN technology of non-link strapping of tape guarantees an exceptionally strong bonding, which provides the rupturing force equal to 80-85% of the rupturing force of the tape! All of the afore-mentioned, combined with simple operation, the lowest weight of the strapping machine, and complete mobility and reliability, make the TITAN HKE series strapping machines the leader on the market of tools for the strapping of metal tapes.

Basic parameters

  • Weight of strapping machine – approx. 2.6 kg
  • Tensioning force – up to 6,000 N – depending on the operator; smooth adjustment, depending on the specification of the load
  • Speed of tensioning – depending on the operator’s efficiency
  • Type of closing – the linkless method
  • Strength of closing – 80-85% of the rupture force of the tape, depending on its quality
  • Type of drive – manual (manual tensioning, bonding, and shearing of the tape in one single operating cycle)

Advantages of the device

  • The lowest possible weight
  • Simple, modular design
  • Simple inserting of the strapping tape
  • Simple in operation
  • Tensioning force depends on individual needs
  • Full mobility

Strapping tape

  • 12.7 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm wide steel tape
  • 0.38-0.60 mm thick steel tape
  • Recommended tapes:
    • Automatenband
    • Megaflexband
    • Megaband

Power / Battery

  • 100% manual operation