Slip sheets

Slip sheets

They are an alternative to the standard wooden pallets and are often used to replace such pallets, thus eliminating this traditional high and heavy pallet, which is particularly useful when shipping containers. SLIP SHEETS are used for deep-sea transport and for in-house deliveries. SLIP SHEETS are made of high quality solid board. Thanks to the method of lamination and a high quality paper, sheets are resistant to moisture.

Parameters and properties

The sizes of transport sheets correspond to the sizes of containers and to the individual needs of clients.

Parameters of sheets for pallet deliveries, approx. 500 items

ThicknessBasis weightMaximum load capacity
0,6 mm 450 g/m² 500 kg
0,8 mm 620 g/m² 900 kg
1,1 mm 820 g/m² 1200 kg

Parameters of sheets for container deliveries, approx. 20,000 items

ThicknessBasis weightMaximum load capacity
0,8 mm 513 g/m² 665 kg
0,8 mm 542 g/m² 619 kg
0,8 mm 581 g/m² 796 kg
0,9 mm 615 g/m² 794 kg
0,9 mm 684 g/m² 950 kg
1,0 mm 679 g/m² 828 kg
1,1 mm 747 g/m² 997 kg
1,2 mm 820 g/m² 1060 kg
1,3 mm 879 g/m² 1028 kg
1,4 mm 1011 g/m² 1176 kg
1,5 mm 835 g/m² 916 kg
1,6 mm 1084 g/m² 1238 kg
1,8 mm 1084 g/m² 1134 kg
2,0 mm 1348 g/m² 1624 kg
2,0 mm 859 g/m² 1444 kg
2,4 mm 1348 g/m² 1335 kg


  • They significantly reduce the costs of transport and replace expensive fumigated EUR-pallets
  • They do not require fumigation or certificates, which are necessary to use wooden pallets
  • They reduce the costs of freight and enable the loading of a container, without loss of space that would result from the transporting of high pallets (less than 30 cm of cargo space is saved, when using 2 layers per container!)
  • The reduce the storage costs related to the storing of wooden pallets (the storage space required to store 1,000 slip sheets is only 1m³, which is as much as 70 m³ to store 1,000 pallets!)


The multi-laminated material makes this product extraordinarily strong and resistant to moisture, thus providing an excellent protection of cargo against damage and dislocation. All the features of slip sheets make it a product commonly applied in many braches of industry.

  • Container freight, primarily to Great Britain, USA, Australia, the Emirates, and others
  • In-house transport without the use of pallets