INKA export pallets

INKA export pallets

INKA pallets are made of compressed wood and designed according to a unique and patented technology. They are moulded under pressure in high temperatures, using carefully prepared steel moulds. As export pallets, INKA pallets meet the requirements set forth in the ISPM15/NIMF15 standards concerning international trade. INKA pallets do not require fumigation and heat treatment. Additionally, INKA pallets do not require heat treatment and degassing with methyl bromide, as well as the IPPC mark for pallets made of solid wood!

Advantages of INKA pallets

  • Competitive price; No costs required to change pallets
  • No charges related to renting of pallets
  • No additional costs related to exporting to the countries that recognise ISPM15 / NIMF15
  • Savings on the costs of transporting pallets; Savings on the costs of storing (save up to 66% of space)
  • Savings on the costs resulting from the necessary phytosanitary operations
  • Available in sized adapted to ocean containers
  • Recommended for air transport – 50% of the weight of a wooden pallet, but maintains strength up to 1,250 kg
  • Expanded international distribution network
  • Free-of-charge export certificates


  • Used in export – they have export certificates to the majority of the countries in the world
  • Use in railway transport; they are particularly suitable for ocean freight, as the sizes of INKA pallets are adapted to the sizes of containers
  • INKA pallets are also used in air transport, as they are half as heavy as the standard wooden pallets, which provides significant savings and reduction of the costs of air transport
  • Although they were designed for one-time use, pallets made of compressed wood can be safely reused many times, since their strength guarantees multiple applications
  • The 400 x 600 INKA pallets are a perfect carrier for displays, as its load capacity and strength enable safe displaying in discount stores and mega stores

INKA pallets are environmentally friendly

INKA pallets are a recycled wood-based product that helps protect natural resources. The wood used to produce pallets comes from carefully selected trimmed slash found in sawmills or industrial plants.

INKA pallets that are no longer usable can be easily recycled to make new ones. Thanks to the re-machining and gluing (sealing), they create a perfect chain of materials.

Both components of the pallet, i.e. wooden chips and binding agent (urea resin) are completely biodegradable. Additionally, old comminuted INKA pallets can also be used as a soil fertiliser. This property of INKA pallets has been confirmed by the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture of the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Dimensions and types of INKA pallets

Type of palletSizeMaximum load capacityNumber of pallets/posts
F 44 400 x 600 250 kg 220
F 46 400 x 600 250 kg 200
F 36 400 x 800 500 kg 180
F 36 S 400 x 800s 1000 kg 180
F 64 600 x 800 500 kg 120
F 64 S 600 x 800s 1000 kg 120
F 65 600 x 800 500 kg 110
F 65S 600 x 800 1000 kg 110
F 76 760 x 1140 900 kg 60
F 76 S 760 x 1140s 1250 kg 60
F 85 800 x 1200 600 kg 60
F 86 (6 stóp) 800 x 1200 250 kg 60
F 87 (7 stóp) 800 x 1200 400 kg 60
F 85 LF 800 x 1200 s 900 kg 50
F 85 LFS 800 x 1200 1250 kg 50
F 10 1000 x 1200 900 kg 50
F 10 S 1000 x 1200 s 1250 kg 50
F 11 1140 x 1140 900 kg 50
F 11 S 1140 x 1140 s 1250 kg 50