Silicone paper

Thanks to its excellent protective properties, silicone paper is a multi-trade product used in all the applications in which the sticking of paper to adhesive elements is undesirable. This type of paper is resistant to the majority of glues and viscous substances, which translates into a wide range of applications in various branches of production. Silicone paper is used by manufacturers of non-vulcanised rubber, labels, adhesive tapes, or pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

Parameters and properties

  • Thickness of paper: from 60 g/m² to 80 g/m²
  • Maximum diameter of wound roll: 1,000 mm
  • Diameter of bobbin: 76 mm
  • Maximum width of roll: 1,500 mm
  • White colour
  • Silicone applied on one side only

Advantages of silicone paper

  • Resistant to most glues
  • Protects adhesive elements against sticking
  • Protects layers of sticky materials against bonding


  • When packing adhesive elements
  • When packing non-vulcanised rubbers
  • As protection and carrier for all types of materials that contain glues, such as self-adhesive foil, wallpapers, labels, adhesive tapes, glue strips, etc.