Anti-corrosive self-adhesive packing fibres

Anti-corrosive self-adhesive packing fibres

This product is dedicated to securing metal parts during transport and storage. Sheets are especially suitable to packing spare parts for machines and equipment, both in dry state and containing grease. This product is made of waxed cotton fabric, which makes it stronger than paper, but also easily shapable and perfectly adherent to packed products. This type of protection is most frequently used in the following branches of industry: automotive, aircraft, railway, transport, as well as in the line of spare parts for vehicles and machines.


  • Packing of metal parts and tools made of steel and iron
  • Packing of spare parts, engines, parts of engines, and other mechanical devices made of metal exposed to corrosion
  • Packing of hand tools, knives, shears, pruning shears, etc.

Advantages of this solution

  • Easily mouldable, take the shape you need, adaptable to protected elements
  • Adhere easily (self-adhesive)
  • Simple application that does not require using any additional equipment
  • Resistant to water, steam, petrol, fats and greases
  • A very low penetration coefficient, even in environments characterised by significant humidity


  • Steam penetration coefficient – 0.5 g/m² / 24 h, in an environment with 90% humidity;
  • Material is delivered in rolls: 10-120 cm in width and 100 running metres in length.