Anti-slip film

Anti-slip film

This product has been designed to secure goods and people involved in transporting and storing of products. Thanks to its anti-slip properties, this film protects the load put on pallets, against its dislocating and damage.

Basic parameters

  • Material: Polyolefin film
  • Thickness: 60 µ (tolerance ± 5%)
  • Friction coefficient: ≥ 0.7
  • Colour: Semi-transparent milk-white
  • Available in two sizes:
    • 137 mm - wide roll perforated at every 300 mm; the sheet made from a roll: 300 x 137 mm / 800 sheets per roll
    • 1,150mm-wide roll / 300 m of winding on a roll
  • Stabilises goods put on a pallet
  • Secures transported goods
  • Makes it less risky, when new layers are added
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Reusable
  • It ensures that goods remain stable on a pallet, even when its inclination exceeds 40°

Advantages of anti-slip film

  • Minimises the risk of bearing additional costs, when transported goods are destroyed
  • Reduces the consumption of stretch wrap
  • Makes it possible to safely add successive layers on a pallet, thus reducing the costs of transport
  • Often eliminates the need to use polypropylene tape for binding


Stabilisation of goods transported on pallets, both during transport and storage. It is most frequently used in the following types of industry:

  • Logistic; Food; Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Furniture
  • Ceramic and glass
  • Small electrical and home-wares